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World of Tanks Blitz recruits Dr DisRespect for their 8th-anniversary celebration

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World of Tanks Blitz is celebrating massively by recruiting Dr DisRespect to join their 8th-anniversary celebrations. Wargaming, the developers of the title, are marking eight years of the game with new modes, gifts, and perhaps the biggest of all, the Two-Time is also participating.This came out of nowhere, and fans are loving the prospect of seeing Doc join World of Tanks Blitz in such a fantastic way.

The reveal came as part of a minute-long teaser on Twitter, courtesy of Wargaming.In the trailer, the Doc entered a retro arcade and pulled a sheet off a World of Tanks Blitz cabinet.

He dropped a few one-liners and tossed a token into the machine. After he wiped some dust off the cabinet, a retro version of World of Tanks Blitz showed up on the screen, looking very much like a game of the 80s.With a laugh, Dr DisRespect would dominate the retro game and insert another token in.

A different kind of tank game showed up - this one is more of a side scroller. There was no stopping the Doc, as the next game was a fighting game with a boxing glove shooting out of his tank.The Two-Time would digitize into his in-game form, walking up to a tank that had the Doc’s red and black camo covering it.

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