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Wonder Woman's First Sidekick Has a Lasso More Dangerous than Diana's

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Donna Troy (a.k.a. Wonder Girl) uses a magic lasso similar to Wonder Woman's, albeit far more dangerous.

Wonder Woman’s most famous weapon in her decades of superhero adventures is her Lasso of Truth, which has a variety of uses in addition to an enchantment that makes lying impossible for those ensnared by it.

Donna Troy’s second (and short-lived) lasso, the Lasso of Persuasion, has a far more dangerous enchantment, though Donna Troy would never use it unscrupulously.

Wonder Woman’s iconic Lasso of Truth is crafted by either the Amazons, or Olympians (or both), depending on the continuity, and while its most famous use is compelling beings to tell only the whole truth, it’s also an indestructible multi-purpose artifact.

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