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With Air Twister, Apple Arcade is entering its Netflix-style golden age

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Like any subscription service, Apple Arcade has had a tough task since it launched in 2019. It wasn’t just that it had to convince iOS device owners to pony up for another monthly subscription — it also had to give them a good reason to stay subscribed.

The gaming service has been through a few pivots to accomplish that, from including mobile classics to reportedly moving its focus to games with more long-term engagement.

Apple’s strategy seems to be shifting again, and you can see that in its latest game, Air Twister. Created by video game legend Yu Suzuki, it’s a gonzo space shooter that’s truly unlike anything on the market today.

The psychedelic game has players soaring around giant mushrooms, shooting desert manta rays, and riding on the back of a carp – all while Queen-like art rock anthems play in the background.

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