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Why is Twitch streamer Robcdee called the "Angel of Shibuya?"

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A popular IRL streamer on Twitch, Robcdee has affectionately been nicknamed Angel of Shibuya for the plethora of kind deeds he has committed over the years to help people in that area of Tokyo city.The Australian streamer has gone viral numerous times in the last few years for helping women and men on the streets of Shibuya, which is known for its nightlife, and as of police reports from 2019, ranks second in the list of wards with the highest crime rates in the Japanese capital.Robcdee's altruistic acts on stream as he roams the city, where he occasionally helps people, have created a mythos about him being a hero to the people.With clips like the one above where he is hailed as a savior by the people he meets on the streets, let's take a look at some of the most defining moments in Robcdee's history that got him the title of "Angel of Shibuya."The clip embedded above is the most-watched on Robcdee's channel, with almost 700,000 views on Twitch alone.

With it being shared across all major social media sites, the number of people who have watched the streamer save the woman in the video from the man is well into the millions.The incident dates from February 2020 when the Australian streamer saw another foreigner being harassed by a stranger on the streets.

The woman, who was later revealed to be a Moroccan tourist in Japan, was being incessantly followed by the person until the Angel of Shibuya stepped in and posed as a friend to get the man to back off.Over the same week, Robcdee went on to save another woman who was lying unconscious in the street by calling the cops to take care of her, while a group of men surrounded her.Another clip of the streamer helping a woman is from Halloween of 2019.

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