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Why did Elon Musk unban Donald Trump on Twitter?

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On November 20, Twitter's new CEO Elon Musk went viral on the internet as he decided to unban former President of the United States, Donald Trump, on Twitter.The decision came a day after Musk hosted a poll on the social media platform, asking users if he should unban Donald Trump from Twitter.

More than 15 million community members voted, with 51.8% of them voting in favor of the decision.According to Musk, the poll has been viewed by over 134 million people:Earlier today, the Tesla CEO announced that Donald Trump would be unbanned, adding that people had voiced their thoughts on the decision.

Musk stated:As expected, the announcement went viral, with over 79,000 Twitter community members joining the discussion thread and sharing their thoughts.The CEO of Mega, Kim Dotcom, responded by pleading with Elon Musk to ensure that Donald Trump retains all of his followers after being unbanned from the social media platform.

He stated:Elon Musk replied by stating that Twitter engineers are working on the issue:Legal Affairs editor Luke Zalenski dubbed Musk a "genius" for paying $44 billion to reinstate the former President of the United States.

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