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Why are horror games so popular on Roblox?

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As Roblox Corp.'s game-making platform Roblox has grown, developers in the space have begun experimenting with all kinds of twists on familiar genres.

As others have documented, plenty of these games have been race-to-the-top riffs on multiplayer classics, often influenced by if something like the Netflix TV show Squid Game becomes an international hit.But one genre in particular has begun to stand out in a really fascinating way: the horror genre.

Roblox creators of all sizes are beginning to learn that the (particularly young) playerbase wants the thrill of the jump scare.

Some of the most popular experiences across all genres include games like Doors, Piggy, and Evade.In particular, Piggy has managed to rack up over 11 billion visits (Roblox Corp.'s metric for players accessing games) and Evade has crossed over 1 billion visits.

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