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Where to find Mint and Pinecones in Genshin Impact

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Mint and Pinecones are two materials used in the Spices From the West event in Genshin Impact. However, these are items that some players might be missing for one reason or another.

In that case, Travelers need to find new ways to farm these two items. Both items are bountiful and spread all over Teyvat, so obtaining them is a breeze.There are 895 spawns for Mint and 311 spawns for Pinecones.

Aside from the Spices From the West event, some Travelers may also wish to obtain these two items for various recipes. Regardless of their reasoning, here is a quick guide to help them out.As of right now, no shops sell Pinecones.

Similarly, one cannot obtain it via gardening or Expeditions. Mint is a little different in that players can buy it from shops and harvest it through their Serenitea Pot.The seed to crop harvest ratio is 1:1, and the seeds only take two days and 22 hours to grow fully.

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