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What's the release date for COD Mobile Season 6?

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COD Mobile just announced its sixth season, which will come with a ton of interesting updates. The touch-screen answer to the iconic first-person shooter franchise has become incredibly popular for its innovative format and translation of gameplay.

With that being said, season 6 will arrive on June 29, 2022. Furthermore, much to fans' excitement, it will come with the new To The Skies update.With every new season of the game, players can enjoy new battle pass tiers, unique cosmetics and interesting gameplay additions.

The announcement of the new season has provoked excitement from fans who eagerly await the update. On June 22, COD Mobile announced the details of their latest season with a lengthy blog post.

The release date for season 6 is June 29 at 5.00 PM PT.Season 5: Tropical Vision launched just three weeks before the announcement for season 6.

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