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What is Nvidia Advanced Optimus and how can it save your laptop's battery?

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(Pocket-lint) — Gaming laptops are in the best place they've ever been in, with attractive designs and new gaming tech making it easier than ever to pick up a super-powered laptop that nonetheless keeps a low profile and slim build.

Even with an expensive new laptop, though, some problems can crop up, and a big one for gamers is the sense that their gaming laptop doesn't have the same battery life that a lower-powered machine might offer.

That's part of why Nvidia came up with Advanced Optimus — a genius system to help your laptop last longer. Advanced Optimus is a technology that Nvidia has developed specifically for gaming laptops that use its RTX laptop GPUs, graphics cards that are capable of ray-tracing and high resolutions even in a thin laptop.

It allows these laptops to swap which GPU is driving the laptop’s onboard display on the fly between their discrete GPUs and their lower-spec onboard integrated graphics, to save on the amount of power that the machine has to use, improve performance in games and deliver the smooth, tear-free certified G-SYNC gaming experience.

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