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Watch: PUBG professional player TGLTN gets banned for a month for making animal noises in-game

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Twitch streamer and professional PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds player James "TGLTN" was handed a one-month ban from the game after he made some animal noises in-game.Fans were shocked when they found out that TGLTN was banned for a month.

On May 13, the Twitch streamer clarified the situation by providing context for his recent suspension.As soon as he began his livestream, he spoke about the situation.

The streamer was baffled to see how he got banned for a month for making a harmless animal sound similar to that of an ape.The Australian content creator and professional gamer hosted a rather short livestream on May 13, and the main topic of discussion was his recent ban from the battle royale game.The Soniqs (previously known as Susquehanna Soniqs) team member reviewed the clip that got him banned and was shocked to see why he was suspended from playing the game.According to PUBG staff, James was banned for specific racist actions.

As he watched the clip that got him banned, the Twitch streamer stated:He played the clip to his fans and commented on the situation during his gameplay.

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