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Watch Dogs: Legion's Darcy Deserves Her Own Assassin's Creed Game

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Watch Dogs: Legion features a DLC character named Darcy Clarkson, and she's the perfect candidate to be the next Assassin's Creed protagonist.

Although she is far from the game's most prominent character, she makes an amazing show of her skills in the time she gets. Darcy proves that she could easily join the ranks of the series' other successful Assassins, with the modern order yet to receive the same focus as its historical incarnations.

Darcy Clarkson is a minor character in Watch Dogs: Legion who will join DedSec when her questline is complete. She is a descendant of past Assassins who came to London alongside her brother to fight against the Templars.

After her brother's death, she heads to the hidden Tomb of Assassins to find the artifacts of her ancestors and enact revenge against her brother's killer.

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