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Warzone 2 expert Metaphor reveals the best loadout for BAS-P SMG in Season 1 Reloaded

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The extensive armory of Warzone 2 offers players various tools for combat. Along with that, the gunsmith system of the title allows gamers to kit their weapons with tons of attachments.The combination of an extensive armory with such a wide collection of attachments allows players to create an astounding number of weapon loadouts in Warzone 2; however, not all of them perform quite well, and there are specific loadouts for certain weapons that work better than others.As such, if players are searching for the best set of attachments to beef up their BAS-P SMG, then Warzone 2 expert Metaphor has the perfect recommendation for them.The BAS-P SMG of Warzone 2 was first introduced with the Season 1 patch and is modeled after the real-life SIG MPX sub-machine gun.Currently, it cannot be unlocked by completing any specific weapon-unlock challenge, and players need to reach and complete Sector A6 of the Season 1 Battle Pass to get their hands on it.Metaphor is quite a well-known content creator of Warzone 2 who regularly uploads videos of loadouts, tips, tricks, and a lot more about the game on his YouTube channel.Though there are quite a few weapons that can trounce the BAS-P in close-range combat, Metaphor describes it as an 'absolute monster' when it comes to mid-range gunfights.

He further recommended that players use this gun as a sniper support platform.This gun sports a very high rate of fire while having minimal recoil, making it ideal for novice players and hardened veterans who have been playing Call of Duty games for a long time.

The low recoil of the gun will allow players to easily beam their enemies with a laser-like barrage of bullets with minimal effort.With a fire rate of 870 rounds per minute and a muzzle

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