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Walter White is the Second Most Requested Character for MultiVersus

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According to data gleaned from the official MultiVersus Discord, the most demanded character for the game is Ben 10.

Walter White comes in second place in this MultiVersus data, with a little more than a thousand votes difference.MultiVersus has built up quite the following really quickly, suggesting it may be one of the most successful games to adopt theSuper Smash Bros.

Ultimate formula. And just as there were many demanded characters for it, some that no one thought would ever truly happen, the same can be said of MultiVersus.

InSuper Smash Bros.Ultimate, this was once Kingdom Hearts' Sora who eventually joined as the final DLC character. Walter White inMultiVersus may seem as unlikely, but many fans want him and it's clear that games like these have a «never say never» attitude.Indeed, in many public places, it would seem easy to think that Walter White is the most demanded character for MultiVersus, but the difference between him and Ben 10 is relatively small.

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