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Unknown Number: A First Person Talker review – it’s good to talk

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Why use a mouse or gamepad when you can talk to a game instead? As this innovative techno-thriller makes clever use of voice recognition.There’s something about the phrase ‘voice-controlled adventure game’ that has the potential to immediately alienate a large percentage of gamers.

Is it a gimmick? Will it work as well as it claims to? The answer to both of those is yes, but also no. It’s a simple concept executed in a much more complex way than it first seems, but not without its hiccups.Unknown Number sees you taking on the role of ‘Casey’ – although the game acknowledges that that’s not your real name.

It seems the voice recognition technology isn’t quite smart enough to implement your actual name into the game, which is one of a small handful of areas where it falls short.

As the game begins, you find yourself on the receiving end of a series of calls from, guess what? An unknown number.You’re introduced to Amanda Reid and Ethan Hammer, who initially don’t realise they’ve misdialled their intended recipient.

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