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Tusk: Walrus Man True Story Explained

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The walrus man in Tusk, Kevin Smith’s horror comedy about a man who is surgically transformed into a walrus, was not based on a true story, as the film humorously claims.

It was, however, inspired by a fake online advertisement in which an old man offers a room in his house rent-free, but with a catch: the lucky tenant must be willing and able to occasionally dress up in a walrus costume and behave like a walrus.

The man who created the fake ad is writer Chris Parkinson of Brighton, England. He posted it as a joke, but according to reports from Variety, Parkinson received over 400 responses to the ad.

The transformation from human to walrus is the main similarity between the film and the fake ad. In the film, Los Angeles podcaster Wallace Bryton (Justin Long) and his co-host, Teddy (Haley Joel Osment), ridicule unfortunate people in viral videos, and Wallace interviews them.

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