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TrueGameData reveals Warzone 2's inconsistent TTKs might be related to armor

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Call of Duty Warzone 2 offers a wide variety of weapons. All of them have different qualities which are used to eliminate enemy operators.

Various factors like Time-To-Kill, damage range, and movement speed, among others, can affect a player’s experience with a weapon.Time-To-Kill (TTK) is a term that refers to the time taken by a weapon to knock down or eliminate a player.

A famous Warzone 2 player and stats analyzer Anthony "TrueGameData" Zachman performed an experiment in the game with the M4 Assault Rifle and noted different TTKs for enemies with and without armor plates.

Several other renowned players and content creators like JGod have cited similar opinions on the topic. Here are the facts that TrueGameData presented to concur that Warzone 2 has damage inconsistencies.Warzone 2 was released with a lot of hype around it as the publishers promised an enhanced gaming experience.

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