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Trombone Champ is Exploding in Popularity on Steam

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Trombone Champ has become a viral success on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, and the developer has confirmed it's translating into «huge demand.» A musical game involving a trombone and no other instruments may not sound like the kind of title that would go viral in 2023, but that's exactly what's happened.

Trombone Champ, developed by the indie team Holy Wow Studios, launched this past week and has taken the internet by storm.It's difficult to tell exactly whereTrombone Champ's viral success began, but the credit belongs entirely to Holy Wow.

The studio made sure that streamers on Twitch and YouTube were given keys for the oddball musical game, trusting that all it would take is enough eyes on the game for it to become a radical success.

Streamers have since played it quite a bit, sharing their favorite clips online and helping word of mouth for Trombone Champ spread.

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