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Tower of Fantasy: Best Healers

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Tower of Fantasy is an exciting free-to-play open-world RPG, considered a rival to Genshin Impact. Tower of Fantasy’s in-game playable characters are known as ‘Simulacra.’ There are currently 15 playable Simulacra characters in-game, divided into two rarities.

Five are SR-rarity, earned through early-game story quests. The remaining ten are SSR-rarity characters, which are the most valuable.Currently, there are only four Healer/Support style characters.

This guide will rank each one and look at their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.Tower Of Fantasy: Best Characters To UnlockPepper is the perfect beginner support character in Tower of Fantasy.

She is an SR character obtained during early-game story quests, and she wields the Staff of Scars. Pepper can create an energy shield with a skill called Sanctuary that can heal allies and reduce any damage taken by 3% for ten seconds.

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