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Today's Wordle 461 answer and hint: Friday, September 23

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Whether you'd just like a little help with today's Wordle or you'd simply like to read the answer to the September 23 (461) puzzle with a minimal amount of fuss, you'll find all that and plenty of other Wordle tips and tricks on this very page.

It wasn't looking good for me today—one yellow was the best I had to show for two guesses. But that also meant I had nine greys as well as a little bit of a «It can't get any worse than this attitude»  to guide me, and thankfully I was able to turn it around just in time.

There's nothing but high praise and great honour to be found in today's answer. This is a prestigious and noble term, the sort of word you'd find in a national anthem, patriotic poem, or a military motto.

It's also used in restoration work, when something magnificent is restored to its former magnificence. There's just one vowel today.

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