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Wordle 461 answer for September 23: Solve it effortlessly! Check Wordle hints, clues, solution

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Wordle 461 answer for September 23: It looks like the trend of easy puzzles is not going anywhere. In the last three days, we have seen three puzzles that were all easy to mediocre and should not have threatened your winning streak.

And today is no different either. There is yet again an easy word that should only add to your streak. But as we always say, an easy word can also be a pain-point if you don't solve it the right way.

So, if you don't want to spend time staring at the puzzle to figure out the strategy, just check these Wordle hints and clues to solve it effortlessly.

Also, if you need extra assistance, simply scroll to the bottom. Today's word again does not have any repeated letters. This means you can find all the five unique letters to the puzzle by using the letter elimination technique.

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