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There Hasn't Quite Been Another Anime Like Durarara

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Cowboy Bebop famously defined itself as «the work which becomes a new genre itself,» which could mean that it would inspire works that follow it to echo its storytelling, or that nothing else could compare.

Looking back at the popular anime of the last two decades, Durarara!! feels like something equally undefined, and not a single other show feels quite like it.Durarara started as a light novel written by Ryohgo Narita in 2004, the same mind behind Baccano and more recent tales like Fate/Strange Fake.

The story was first adapted to animation in 2010 by studio Brain's Base before getting a three-part sequel that aired from 2015-2016, this time animated by studio Shuka.

The story begins with Mikado Ryuugamine's arrival in the Ikebukuro, a small district of Tokyo, as he becomes engulfed in a sea of rumors, legends, gangs, specters, and other assorted revelries.

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