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The True Meaning Of Mad Men's Famous "Signal 30" Episode

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Mad Men fills its episodes to the brim with details that require multiple viewings to understand their true meaning, and Mad Men season 5, episode 5 “Signal 30,” is a great example of this.

Mad Men's “Signal 30” is a rare episode that does not focus on Don Draper, but instead on Pete Campbell and his difficulty adjusting to life both as a family man and someone who lives in the suburbs.

Although Pete appears to have everything on the surface, the end of “Signal 30” reveals the true extent of his unhappiness. The true meaning of “Signal 30” is linked to a dinner party hosted by the Campbells, attended by both the Cosgroves and the Drapers.

It begins with Pete marveling over his stereo with Ken when Don and Megan arrive at the party, immediately becoming the new centers of attention.

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