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The Sims 4 Update Fixes the Weird Bugs Plaguing the Game

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Since the first sequel to 2000s The Sims, each title in the franchise has received updates to fix weird bugs, and that's no different with The Sims 4.

Several big bugs plaguing The Sims 4 have been brought up by the community and a few persisting ones have been fixed by developers at EA.The Sims has confirmed that numerous bugs were fixed in update 1.90, including ones that resulted in drastic age fluctuations for some Sims and another that caused questionable romance options.

Bugs have impacted multiple titles and expansions in the series and some base game and expansion issues have been addressed with the August patch.

Although players may continue to stumble across unaddressed bugs moving forward, especially in one of the variousThe Sims 4 game packs, a few of the prominent problems won't continue to plague players.The Sims 4 Clarifies Controversial Post About ModsThe important bug fixes for The Sims 4 in update 1.90 are “Ask to be Girlfriend/Boyfriend” will now target appropriate Sims, adult Sims no longer flirtatiously tag teens in Social Bunny posts, and Sims with shorter or longer Lifespans won't suddenly become younger or age when leaving the Create a Sim menu.

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