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The Sandman's Corinthian Explained: All Your Questions, Answered

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Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for The Sandman season 1. A nightmare with toothy grins where his eyes should be, the Corinthian is the chief antagonist of The Sandman season 1.

He is also one of the most popular characters in the series, possessing a certain devilish charm many find oddly endearing. Everyone loves a villain, as the song says, and the Corinthian is certainly a great villain.

Played by Boyd Holbrook, the Corinthian's name is as much a mystery as he is. The name refers to a specific grade of leather, an infamously vice-filled Roman city and a book of the Bible.

It is also, according to Corinthian and The Sandman creator Neil Gaiman, an archaic term for a scoundrel, rake or ne'er-do-well.

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