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The next Legend Of Zelda should be a first person RPG – Reader’s Feature

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A reader suggests using Metroid Prime and Skyrim for inspiration in the next Zelda after Breath Of The Wild 2.Like every Nintendo fan I am eagerly awaiting the sequel to Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (and bracing myself for another possible delay).

I’m certain the game will be great, but I also expect it to be broadly similar to the last game. We can see that from the trailers so far released, even if it’s obvious the game has moved well beyond a quick expansion pack style sequel.Some of Nintendo’s best games have come from projects that were initially intended only to be an expansion or quick sequel, that reuses existing assets.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Zelda: Majora’s Mask are some of the best games ever made and there’s every reason to hope that the next Breath Of The Wild will be the same.The reason Breath Of The Wild was such a massive hit though – much bigger than any previous Zelda – is that it was something completely different.

It shook up the series in a way probably no other franchise ever has been and I’m certain Nintendo will be looking to do the same thing again; probably for the next Zelda after, which I imagine while be for the Switch 2.

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