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The Next Bloodborne Game Should Be a Prequel

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Fans of the Soulsborne series have been asking for a sequel to Bloodborne since the original game was released.

The fast-paced, Lovecraftian-themed game became an instant classic and gave players a nice change of pace from the classic Dark Souls experience.Even though a sequel to Bloodborne is highly unlikely, it is not entirely out of the question, but with the way the canon ending of the original game left the story, the second entry could risk drastically affecting the near-perfect ending of Bloodborne.

That being said, the lore heavily focuses on what happened in the past that led to the current events of Yharnam but never fully delves into the details of the past.

A new Bloodborne title set before the events of the first game could have serious potential.Dark Souls 3 Gets Bloodborne Overhaul With New ModMuch like the other Soulsborne games, Bloodborne allows players to achieve multiple different endings, each with its own requirements and implications for the story.

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