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The Last of Us 2 Fan Shares Gorgeous Drawing of Ellie’s Birthday Flashback

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If Joel and Ellie were not such beloved characters, it is hard to imagine The Last of Us 2 becoming as controversial as it did.

Fortunately, the flashback to Ellie’s birthday is a moment even the biggest The Last of Us 2 detractors appreciate, and one artist has gone on to honor the scene.While Joel’s role inThe Last of Us 2 is far more limited than it was in the original game, players do get to spend some time with Ellie’s father figure via some flashbacks.

Though these scenes include a memorable battle with a bloater and an important moment where Ellie discovers what really happened in the Firefly Hospital, many hold up the birthday flashback as the best of the bunch.

In a game full of heartbreaking moments, this brief bit of levity worked wonders.The Last of Us Part 1 Video Compares Horse Riding Scene from PS4 Version to PS5 RemakeRecently, Reddit user Zealousideal_Tone_29 shared a spectacular pencil drawing based on this moment.

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