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The Hobbit: Each Of The Thirteen Dwarves' Characteristics Explained

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Peter Jackson has admitted that he was hesitant about taking on such a momentous task as adapting The Hobbit into a film trilogy, simply because of the sheer complexities of bringing 13 different dwarves, each with their own individual personalities and characteristics to life.Jackson wanted each dwarf to be identifiable by the audience, by their silhouettes, their hairstyles, down to the very clothes they wear and their weaponry of choice.

Thus, he created each dwarf with their own personal specification in mind. Going into such a dense trilogy and keeping track of 13 dwarves might seem like a tall order, but there are ways to keep track of the brave group helping Bilbo along his journey.Debunking A Theory About Fell BeastsThe three most easy to distinguish, because they are the three in the direct royal line from Durin, and also the three that are targeted in the ambush on Ravenhill are Thorin, Fili, and Kili.

Thorin needed to look regal, he was the leader of the whole expedition, and the one upon whom audiences, and the other dwarves in the story, would be pinning all of their hopes.

He is described in the book as having «a forked beard he tucked in his belt,» but Jackson and the team moved away from this style, giving Thorin a short beard in the films as a ‘singed beard’ which was a mark of respect to all of the dwarves who were burned in Erebor when Smaug came.Thorin means ‘darer’ — the one who dares to reclaim the kingdom, and his whole personality was built around this stubborn, loyal and proud concept.

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