The Heartless Trope In Horror, Explained

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Whether good or lackluster, there are many haunted house movies that feature ghosts who haven't truly moved on from the place they used to live or the people who hurt them.

Sometimes this can be clichéd and boring and other times, the stories can be legitimately scary.There are many horror movie tropes that fans wish would be retired but one that is really compelling is the «Heartless» trope.

Since it can be used with ghosts or monsters, there are some haunted house films that employ it to varying degrees of success.

It doesn't come up very often, which makes it exciting, and there is one movie where it is used in a brilliant way.The Hungry Jungle Trope In Horror, ExplainedAccording to TV Tropes, The Heartless are «monsters born out of people's negative emotions.» These could be spirits or this trope could be part of the body horror genre.

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