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The "Brown Note Being" Trope In Horror, Explained

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Imagine a thing so horrible that anyone who laid eyes upon it would suffer physical or psychological harm. A thing that could destroy the bodies and minds of its victims just by being close enough to be picked up by the senses.

In horror media, this kind of monster is called the Brown Note Being.Some horror tropes are pitched by a single author and immediately adopted by countless future voices.

Others develop gradually as multiple creators have the same idea. Some, however, have existed for generations and only needed to wait to be given a proper name.The 'Most Dangerous Video Game' Trope In Horror, ExplainedThe Brown Note Being gets its name from the rumored sound that's capable of causing people to lose control of their bowels.

That fictional concept has evolved to describe any sort of stimulus that's harmful to those who perceive it. The Brown Note Being is a living thing that does harm to anyone that becomes aware of it.

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