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The Flash Quietly Retcons An Arrowverse Hulk Rip-Off

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Warning! SPOILERS for The Flash season 8, episode 14, «Funeral For A Friend.» A new version of the Hulk-like villain Blockbuster was introduced into the Arrowverse by The Flash, presenting both a post-Crisis retcon of the villain from Arrow and a shift away from the character's original concept in the comics.

It seems likely this change was made so as not to invite comparisons between Blockbuster and the Incredible Hulk in the minds of viewers.

It may also have been done so as not to inspire confusion with a different DC Comics villain who uses the name Blockbuster, who has gone on to greater fame as the archenemy of Dick «Nightwing» Grayson.

The opening scene ofThe Flash season 8, episode 14, «Funeral For A Friend» pits Team Flash against bank robber Mark Desmond, who has stolen an armored exo-suit from Ivo Labs that enhanced the wearer's biochemistry, making them stronger even as they became more emotionally unbalanced.

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