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The first PC patch for Judgment adds AMD FSR support and improves quality

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Judgment launched on PC alongside its sequel just last week to the joy of many. And now its first update has gone live, bringing with it some fixes as well as support for AMD’s FSR 2.1.

Judgment‘s PC port was already pretty impressive, but with FSR 2.1 it should be that little bit better. It’s also worth noting that Lost Judgment also received an FSR 2.1 update.

For those who don’t know, Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR) is AMD’s version of image upscaling. It’s broadly similar to Nvidia’s DLSS, but it works in its own unique way.

Simply put, FSR renders frames at a lower resolution, and then uses an upscaling algorithm to make it look like the image is running at a higher resolution.

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