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The Elder Scrolls: What Happened To The Snow Elves?

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If you've played Skyrim, there's a very high chance that you've encountered the vicious Falmer - sightless, subterranean foes who live alongside Chaurus and make your adventures in Dwemer ruins an absolute nightmare.

Delve a little into Skyrim's history, though, and you'll find out far more about the Falmer and their origins. RELATED: The Elder Scrolls: What Is A Dragon Break?

Their name will give you a clue - Falmer. The suffix '-mer' is also used by the Altmer, Bosmer, and Dunmer - all elves. Where the Altmer are High Elves, Bosmer are Wood Elves, and Dunmer are Dark Elves, the hated Falmer were once the proud Snow Elves.

Elves, or mer, are the oldest denizens of Tamriel, with Men and Beasts coming later. The Falmer, or Snow Elves, were called such because they lived in the farthest reaches of the continent, in the snowy lands of Skyrim and the mountainous High Rock.

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