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Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: 7 Best New Mounts And Pets

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With every new Elder Scrolls Online Chapter comes a bunch of new collectible mounts and pets, typically designed to reflect the expansion's setting and theme.

The High Isle Chapter lets players ride or adventure alongside lots of oceanic creatures and other animals that call the golden, rolling hills of High Isle home.Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: Every New Mythic (And How To Get Them)Some of these new Elder Scrolls Online mounts and pets are tied to achievements, like the Stormsurge Howler, while others can be earned by completing specific objectives in the world, like the Coral Haj Mota.

The Chapter's new Crown Crate, the Dark Chivalry Crate, offers players a few new mounts and pets as rare drops, too.The Hermit Crab can be found naturally throughout High Isle, and though players can't find or earn one out in the world, one can be bought from the Crown Store or with Crown Gems.

These tiny guys are easy to miss when adventuring throughout High Isle's coastline as they blend into their surroundings surprisingly well.The Hermit Crab can be purchased from the in-game Crown Store for 2000 Crowns, or via the Crate Gem store for 40 Crown Gems.The Palefrost Elk is a majestic mount that is sure to attract attention from players without one.

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