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The Elder Scrolls: History of Tamriel Through the Eyes of the High Elves

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The Elder Scrolls is a series with an impressive amount of background lore. The games themselves take place across one thousand years, with the history of The Elder Scrolls universestretching back several millennia.The Elder Scrolls games also tend to focus disproportionately on the affairs of Tamriel’s human residents.

This might make some fans curious about what races like the High Elves think about Tamriel and the history of The Elder Scrolls universe.Skyrim Player is Killing Delphine and Esbern Every Day Until Starfield is ReleasedMost of The Elder Scrolls’ High Elves, or Altmer, hail from the Summerset Isles, sometimes called Alinor.

However, their origins stretch back to before the mortal world even existed. The Altmer believe they descend from the Ehlnofey, descendants of the Adric gods.

Furthermore, the High Elves believe that the trickster god Lorkhan manipulated the Adra, deceiving them into sacrificing their power to create the world.

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