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The Biggest Gaming News For May 13, 2022

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Happy Friday 13! Hopefully you're luck held up throughout the day. Konami will be considering itself pretty unlucky though, as it was seen quickly taking down screenshots and concept art of what looked like a new Silent Hill game that's currently in development.

That's our biggest story of the day, but we've also got the news that Sega plans to release a bunch of games before March 2023, as well as a statement from Phil Spencer regarding Starfield's recent delay.

All that and more if you read on. Silent Hill fans have been whipped up into a frenzy as several leaked images made their way around social media today, before quickly being taken down by Konami.

It doesn't confirm a Silent Hill game is in development, but the speed in which Konami has attempted to cover this leak up does suggest its legit.

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