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The Ascent will get new DLC later this month

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Last week, The Ascent marked its first anniversary by teasing the arrival of new content or DLC (opens in new tab). This week, it's finally been officially confirmed: The Cyber Heist DLC will release on August 18. "It's our first Year Anniversary!" the team announced last week. "We're humbled by the support and love we've had since launch.

Thank you to our awesome community for sticking with us and for playing our game! We appreciate each and every one of you! Now with that being said, we'll just leave this [ten-second video teaser] here…" While we still don't yet know all the details - Neon Giant's latest video trailer isn't giving away much more than we saw last week - but ​​it does announce: "Indents!

Gear up for an all-new contract! The Cyber Heist DLC is coming August 18th!" Here, check it out for yourself below: Neon Giant promises we'll see a "final trailer coming at launch" so keep an eye out for that later this month.  "The Ascent is a beautiful-looking game that feels overburdened by ambition," Josh said in his GamesRadar+ review of The Ascent (opens in new tab), awarding it a middling 2.5 stars out of 5. "The scale of its world is grand but there's little of interest to do in it.

It's densely populated with characters, but few have little of interest to say and even less have a reaction to the way your actions are impacting their reality.

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