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"The answer to that is yes": MitchJones claims Mizkif sent him and Maya to AdrianahLee to downplay alleged assault

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On September 23, 2022, MitchJones revealed that Matthew "Mizkif" sent him and Maya Higa to AdrianahLee, the victim who was allegedly se*ually assaulted by CrazySlick.

Upon being asked if the OTK co-founder implored him and Maya to "downplay the situation" with Adrianah, MitchJones admitted:The streamer explained that such action was taken to convince her to downplay the allegations against CrazySlick.The allegations against Matthew are that he wilfully tried to downplay and protect CrazySlick by sending MitchJones and Maya Higa to AdrianahLee.Subsequently, Mizkif's reputation has taken a massive hit.

The streaming community has been hopping from one stream to another trying to find answers.Timestamp 0:37:55This is what MitchJones' friend asked him on stream:As mentioned above, the streamer leaned towards the camera and answered in the affirmative, confirming that Mizkif did send him and Maya to try to "downplay" the allegations of se*ual assault.

He also stated that answering the question was hard for him, considering his history with the parties involved.He went on to clarify a few other details such as why he thinks AdrianahLee was blacklisted from certain parties.

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