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The ancient Myst MMO is getting an brand-new age this weekend

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Released in 1993, Myst(opens in new tab) is one of the most successful and influential videogames of all time. Naturally, it became a series, and a decade after the original, developer Cyan Worlds went all-in on its ambitions with Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, which was meant to feature a small-scale MMO component called Uru Live.

Alas, it bombed, the whole Uru Live segment was cancelled, and that was that until GameTap released it in 2007 as Myst Online: Uru Live a few years later.

That bombed too. Eventually, the rights to the whole thing went back to Cyan, who put it out (again) for free. I've knocked around in it a few times and it's cool, but it also feels incomplete and small—a tiny memorial to what might have been.

It's a forgotten corner of the game world, a place where a half-dozen or so people can wistfully wander and poke around and, on very lucky days, find someone else to talk to.

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