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A leak from Kai Cenat's recent Valorant stream leads to woman allegedly facing online harassment

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The most subscribed channel on Twitch right now, Kai Cenat, has been embroiled in controversy since his last stream where a woman's personal information and discord details were inadvertently leaked in front of thousands of viewers.The incident occurred yesterday and gained a lot of traction within the community, as the woman in question made some racially charged remarks about the streamer.Livestreaming while interacting with strangers may go awry, especially when the potential for harmful leaks is a real possibility.That is exactly what happened when Twitch star Kai Cenat was streaming Valorant yesterday.

The streamer came across a woman in the game and decided to share Discord details after some racially charged remarks were exchanged.

After the woman sent him the details without realizing that he was streaming to thousands, Kai's audience started to spam her information in the chat.Many felt that the woman was being racist against the streamer.

However, this has allegedly led to another woman by the same name getting harassed on the internet. Redditor named RemiBleu posted some screenshots and a video of the woman who was mistaken for the racist person from the stream.The screenshots, along with a clip of Kai Cenat leaking the details, have gone viral on the subreddit r/LivestreamFail.

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