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The 10 most disappointing games on the PS4 – Reader’s Feature

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A reader lists the games he’s been most disappointed in on Sony’s last generation console, including The Division and The Division.Before I begin, let me first just explain that by ‘disappointing’ I don’t mean these are the worst games on the PlayStation 4.

This is simply a list of titles that, for various reasons, I didn’t enjoy anywhere near as much as I expected to. Of course, this is all just opinion, and in some cases the disappointment was simply because of my own high expectations, so feel free to (politely) correct me in the comments!10.

Saints Row: Gat Out of HellAfter the slightly disappointing Saints Row 4 I had kind of lost interest in the series and so only gave this standalone expansion a go when it appeared for free on PS Plus.

Unfortunately, with its outdated controls and repetitive missions, it failed to even meet the relatively low expectations I had and even the opportunity to play co-op couldn’t make it worth my time.9.

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