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Temtem: Exploration Guide

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When it comes to monster-catching games, there's a huge world to explore with various ecosystems in Temtem.

You'll start in a small woodland town, but will soon be tearing up the watery coasts and climbing mountains. RELATED: Best Temtem To Farm At The Beginning Of The Game You'll need to brave all these environments in order to challenge different tamers, continue your quest, and find the rarest Temtem.

It's a long journey, one which will be made even longer since you'll have a lot to explore. Even so, there are ways to streamline the exploration process so that you don't spend too much time hanging around any one place.

As with many RPGs, a natural instinct is to go up and talk to everyone you see. Whether it's to gain some background information, details about a quest, or even an item, it makes sense to make conversation.

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