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Superman Made DC's Most Ridiculous Lex Luthor Meme Canon

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The most outrageous prank ever pulled off by Lex Luthor was made an official part of his and Superman's past.

Lex's thievery of 40 cakes is infamous online and, thanks to a flashback from Clark, 100% canon in the DC Universe. The origins of Luthor's epic baked good burglary can be traced to The Super Dictionary, an educational children's book designed to teach young minds basic concepts such as animals and the alphabet using iconic DC characters.

Among the many heroes and villains helping assist in the learning was Lex Luthor, who helped kids understand the number 40 with an account of him stealing as many cakes.

The idea of a rogue who frequently battles the Man of Steel taking the time to plunder a couple dozen cakes is so ludicrous, the internet couldn't help turning such petty villainy into a meme.

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