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Street Fighter 6's 'Modern' Control Mode Could Revolutionize the FGC

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Capcom's got a pretty healthy slate of new games coming out within the next 12 months, but it seems particularly excited about Street Fighter 6.

Since its announcement back in February, Capcom has been desperate to show off Street Fighter 6 just about anywhere it can. First appearing at Sony's June State of Play, Capcom showed off the game's newAdventure Mode and some returning characters.

Just a few days later, Street Fighter 6 made another appearance, this time at Summer Games Fest, where more fan-favorite characters were shown and fans got a better look at gameplay.After a bit of a lackluster reveal, and Street Fighter 5 not quite hitting the mark, it seems as though Capcom is really trying to push Street Fighter 6 as the true next generation of fighting games, and its new control schemes are the perfect example of this.

On launch, players will be able to choose from two control schemes: a «Classic» scheme, which will be instantly recognizable to fans of the fighting franchise, or a «Modern» scheme, which may just revolutionize the fighting game community.Street Fighter: Why Fei Long Hasn't Been Playable Since Street Fighter 4Just following Sony's State of Play showcase, Capcom unveiled Street Fighter 6's new control schemes on the PlayStation Blog and its own official website.

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