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Stellaris is going where no 4X has gone before: a roguelite VR spin-off

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This wasn't on my bingo card for 2022, but Paradox's sci-fi 4X Stellaris is getting a spin-off(opens in new tab): a VR «action-roguelite set in Paradox’s sci-fi milieu» for the Meta Quest 2.

It comes from Fast Travel Games, who also made a Cities: Skylines VR experience(opens in new tab) once upon a time. It's called Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, and it looks very Star Trek indeed.

You play the captain of the good ship Aurora as it ventures into the void on a quest for the titular ghost signal emanating from somewhere in the unplumbed depths of space.

That name should ring a bell for Stellaris players: it's the thing that kicks off the Contingency late-game crisis in regular games of Stellaris.

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