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I will never finish Sable before it leaves Game Pass, and I'm cool with that

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Open-world hoverbike 'n' climbing game Sable is due to leave PC Game Pass on Sunday, and I only started playing today. I will not finish in time.

That's fine. Honestly, I haven't finished half the games I've bought, and I've long since stopped thinking about 'The Backlog' as if I ever will.

But I might enjoy this one week of exploring a gorgeous desert, climbing and gliding and hoverbiking, and you might too. Released in September 2021, Sable is an open-world game about a young woman's rite of passage to pick her future career.

I was impressed by the writing captures Sable's anxiety and the care, caution, and celebration of her clanfolk. So building a hoverbike, she sets out to explore the world and herself.

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