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Star Trek: Top 5 Characters That Improved With Time

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When Gene Roddenberry first created Star Trek in the late 1960s, he would have been shocked (but hopefully not disappointed) to see how far his genre-defining franchise has come decades later.

It is responsible for some amazing technology used today, as well as creating a plethora of nightly complex alien races and civilizations.The Star Trek franchise is also reasonable for a fantastic ensemble of much loved characters.

Fan-favorites range from the secretly sweet of heart Captain Picard, to the nefariously wily ways of the near omnipotent Q continuum.

Some of these characters were not always such a hit with fans, but grew on them with time. Here are some of the world's characters that, like a fine wine, improved greatly with time, from their first appearances to their golden eras.Star Trek: What Character Appeared In The Most Series?Starting off with a character many might not recognize at first sight, this Ferengi goes from zero to literal hero.

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