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Splatoon 3's Li'l Judd Runs Grizzco Theory Explained

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Spoilers for Splatoon 3's Main Story Content AheadGrizzco Industries came to the Splatoon series in the second game and has continued its presence in Splatoon 3.

The industry recruits inklings and octolings to do Salmon Runs, which gathers salmon eggs for a character known as Mr. Grizz.

What's done with the salmon eggs is unknown, but players have had many theories. Most assumed that Mr. Grizz ate the eggs since he is a bear, but there were also theories floating around that he was actually human.

Splatoon 3, addressed some of these rumors, but the answers have sprung up even more theories, the biggest one connecting to the possibility of Li'l Judd being the new CEO of Grizzco.In Splatoon 3, Mr.

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