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Splatoon 3: How To Change Name

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In Splatoon 3, part of character creation is choosing a race, eye color, hairstyle, and in naming the player character.

That all games give players an option to redo these choices, but Splatoon 3 does for all character customization. This is even true for the character's name.Related: Splatoon 3: How to Play With Friends OnlineNames are big in Splatoon, as they are often the first thing players notice in multiplayer.

After seeing so many cool names in the game, a player may feel inspired to change theirs to something else. Luckily for them,changing the name that appears on the Splashtag is relatively easy.There is one prerequisite a player must accomplish before they can get to change their nickname.

Before they can access a way to change their name, they mustcomplete the Splatoon 3 tutorial. To do this means fighting in one Tuft Battle.One the tutorial is complete, the nickname can be changed.

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