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Shocking and Awesome! iPhone 8 Plus works after 12 months in sea water

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Although iPhones are water resistant up to a certain depth, this UK woman's iPhone 8 Plus got more than it bargained for. In an astonishing development, an iPhone 8 Plus was just returned to its owner after being lost at sea more than a year ago.

According to the Sun UK, the iPhone 8 Plus in question belongs to Clare Atfield, a resident of Hampshire, UK. And shockingly, after 12 months in sea water, it still works!An avid paddleboarder, she lost her iPhone 8 Plus nearly a year ago when it dropped in the sea.

Atfield told the Sun UK, “I started paddleboarding in April 2021 and always kept my phone around my neck.”"I had been paddleboarding quite far out to sea but I fell off my board.

I got back on and kept going — but then realised I had lost my phone. It was quite far out to sea but it was inside one of those phone protection cases so it must have sunk and just stayed there,” she added further.She told the Sun, “I never expected to see it again.

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